Monochrome: A BL Film About Finding Your True Colors

Experience the captivating BL film, "Monochrome," where love and self-discovery unfold in a world of black and white. Join White and Shield on their journey to find true colors in this heartwarming tale. Premiering on July 25th, don't miss the chance to witness this colorful story of love. Subscribe to Wayufilm's YouTube channel for the full movie.

“What if the only color you ever saw was the one that matched your soulmate?”

This is the intriguing premise of Monochrome, a new BL film from Wayufilm Production and Pigeon Film, directed by Nichi Nichapoom. The film stars Praphat Paramee and Natapakun Vitteyatananuwat, two rising actors from Chiang Mai University, as White and Shield, two young men who live in a world where everything is black and white until they meet their destined partner.

White has never seen any color in his life, until he meets Shield, a charismatic and confident man who brings a splash of color to his dull existence. But can their love overcome the challenges of society and their own insecurities?

Monochrome will premiere on July 25th at 7 PM GMT+7 on Wayufilm’s YouTube channel, where viewers can subscribe to watch the full movie. Don’t miss this chance to witness a colorful and heartwarming story of love and self-discovery.

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