Changes in ‘23.5’: Gemini and Fourth Depart, New Cast Members Rumored

The much-anticipated GL series, '23.5', produced by GMMTV, has been making waves with unexpected changes in its cast. Officially announced by the network, Gemini and Fourth will no longer be part of the series due to unforeseen factors related to the show's production. Fans were taken by surprise with this announcement, and rumors started circulating even before the official confirmation.

GMMTV’s upcoming GL series, ‘23.5’, has been the subject of recent speculations and announcements regarding changes in the cast. While the departure of Gemini and Fourth was officially confirmed, rumors about new additions to the cast have sparked excitement among fans. Let’s delve into the details of these developments.

GeminiFourth’s Departure: GMMTV made a surprising announcement stating that Gemini and Fourth would no longer be part of the highly-anticipated ‘23.5’. Citing various factors related to the series’ production, the actors found themselves unable to participate as initially planned. This unexpected change was made to make way for the CP’s future series, though specific details remain undisclosed.

Speculations Surrounding Gemini and Fourth: Even before the official announcement, speculations were rife regarding the status of GeminiFourth in ‘23.5’. The pair’s evasive responses to questions about the series added fuel to the rumors. Fans noticed their absence from the ‘23.5’ fitting schedule, where View and June were seen instead, leading to further speculation about the inclusion of a new GL couple in the series. Gemini and Fourth were originally cast to play North and Night, two classmates of Ongsa and Sun, adding an intriguing dynamic to the storyline.

Potential New Cast Members: As the news of GeminiFourth’s departure spread, fans began speculating about the potential new additions to the ‘23.5’ cast. One popular name on the radar is Ford Arun, whose enthusiastic Twitter replies to fans hinted at his excitement about portraying a character in the series. Although no official confirmation has been released yet, the buzz around Ford Arun’s potential involvement has fans eagerly anticipating an announcement.

Godji Tajakorn’s Possible Role: Another intriguing rumor has emerged regarding Godji Tajakorn, who might be joining the cast as one of the teachers in ‘23.5’. In an accidental mention during one of her live shows, she sparked curiosity among fans, leaving them curious about her role and its impact on the storyline.

Awaiting Further Updates: As of now, no additional confirmations have been made regarding the changes in the ‘23.5’ cast. Fans are advised to stay tuned to BLtai for further updates and official announcements from GMMTV.

The developments surrounding ‘23.5’ have been keeping fans on their toes, with the departure of GeminiFourth creating curiosity about the series’ new direction. While rumors about potential cast members add excitement to the mix, viewers are eagerly anticipating official confirmations to shed light on the future of this highly-awaited GL series.

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