Hokeep and Chan Kyu: From ‘His Man’ to Starring in a New Web Drama

Exciting news for fans of 'His Man' participants Hokeep and Kim Chan Kyu! Get ready for their on-screen chemistry to shine once again as they star in a new web drama titled 'The Finale Couple In The Dating Program'. Join them on their journey as they celebrate their first anniversary as a couple in this heartwarming and captivating series.

Exciting news for fans of ‘His Man’ participants Hokeep and Kim Chan Kyu! On July 14th, the YouTube channel madebyHOKEEP, managed by Hokeep himself, posted a 30-second trailer that sparked confusion among followers of the first-ever South Korean gay dating reality show. The teaser hinted at a reunion between Hyuk Jun and his final couple from the show, leading fans to speculate about their relationship status.

However, the confusion was cleared up on July 17th when madebyHOKEEP shared more details about the preview on its community tab. Hokeep, alongside his fellow ‘His Man’ participant Kim Chan Kyu, who previously starred in the web drama ‘Discipline Z: Vampire (2020)’, will now be starring in a brand new web drama titled ‘연애프로그램에서 최종 커 플이 된’ or ‘The Finale Couple In The Dating Program’, in English. The first episode of the web drama is set to be released on July 19th at midnight KST on madebyHOKEEP’s YouTube channel.

To avoid any misunderstandings, the pinned comment on the trailer reassured international fans that Hokeep and Chan Kyu are not dating in real life. The web drama aims to distinguish ‘queer’ content from ‘BL’ (Boys’ Love) content, setting a clear narrative path for the upcoming series.

The plot of the web drama revolves around two young men who participated in a gay dating reality show and found themselves becoming the final couple. Now, they are celebrating their first anniversary through a couple’s vlog, giving fans a glimpse into their post-reality show relationship.

For those interested, the 30-second trailer is available to watch, building anticipation for the web drama’s release.

Meanwhile, ‘His Man’ continues to bring together a group of eight hot, sexy, free, and single gay men in a shared house where they live, interact, and open up to each other in the pursuit of true love.

Fans can catch all the drama and romance in ‘His Man’ as both the first and ongoing second seasons are available for binge-watching on the streaming platform GagaOOLala.

Stay tuned for the premiere of ‘The Finale Couple In The Dating Program’, starring Hokeep and Chan Kyu, as they bring their on-screen chemistry from ‘His Man’ to a whole new web drama experience.

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