Holland Announces Exciting New BL Series – A Teaser for Fans!

K-Pop idol Holland sparks excitement among fans with a tweet teasing his role in an upcoming BL series. The tweet features a video clip and photos of Holland alongside co-star Lee Eui Seop, igniting anticipation for their on-screen romance. Find out more about Holland's previous BL project and Lee Eui Seop's impressive filmography. Stay tuned to BLTai for the latest updates on this highly-awaited BL show.

Holland, the talented K-Pop idol, sent fans into a frenzy on July 19 with a thrilling tweet confirming his role in an upcoming BL show. The caption, “new BL series is soon 💜,” hinted at a captivating romantic storyline that has left fans eagerly awaiting more details.

The tweet included a video clip and photos of Holland alongside co-star Lee Eui Seop, creating an air of excitement as they playfully posed on set. The chemistry between the two stars was palpable, adding to the anticipation surrounding their on-screen romance.

This won’t be Holland’s first venture into the BL genre, as he previously charmed audiences in ‘Ocean Likes Me.’ The touching eight-episode series explores themes of food and healing, revolving around the dreams of Han Ba Da (played by Han Gi-chan) and his chance encounter with the failed musician, Tommy, portrayed by Holland himself. Together, they embark on a heartwarming journey towards achieving their aspirations.

On the other hand, Lee Eui Seop has made his mark in the world of independent films with notable works such as ‘Black Light to Me (2020)’ and ‘Brother and Sister Who Became the Sun and Moon’ (2023). His talent and dedication to acting have earned him a place at the prestigious Seoul Institute of the Arts.

Despite the excitement, not much is currently known about the new BL series. Fans are anxiously awaiting further updates, and BLTai will be the go-to source for all the latest developments on Holland’s highly-anticipated BL show. Keep an eye out for more thrilling announcements from this talented K-Pop star!

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