Unveiling the Global Premiere: Watch JamFilm’s ‘Laws Of Attraction’ Now Streaming Worldwide!

Jam Ratchata and Film Thanapat return in the highly-anticipated drama 'Laws Of Attraction'. Catch the pilot episode now streaming globally on One31's YouTube channel and iQIYI in selected regions. Unravel the captivating storyline as Charn and Tin join forces to seek justice, uncovering dangerous secrets along the way.

The long-awaited return of Jam Ratchata and Film Thanapat in ‘Laws Of Attraction’ has finally arrived! The pilot episode of this highly-anticipated drama is now available for streaming worldwide. Discover where you can catch this captivating series and delve into its thrilling storyline that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.


‘Laws Of Attraction’ is an enthralling eight-episode TV series produced by the same team behind the popular drama ‘To Sir, With Love’ (also known as ‘Khun Chai’). Featuring the talented duo Jam Ratchata and Film Thanapat, and helmed by the skilled director Worawit Khuttiyayothin, the show boasts a stellar cast that includes Satjakorn Chalard (Pearl), Parattakorn Kaiyanan (See), Vorarit Fuangarome (Not), and Rasee Diskul Na Ayudhaya (Organ).

The story revolves around Charn (played by Film Thanapat), a brilliant lawyer who thrives on handling high-profile cases that bring him fame and fortune. Known for turning wrongs into rights, he never shies away from employing unconventional methods to achieve his goals. However, Charn’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is abruptly removed from a high-profile case due to hidden reasons, leaving him feeling humiliated and disadvantaged. Determined to uncover the truth behind his removal, Charn embarks on a quest to find crucial clues that could vindicate him.

On the other hand, we have Tin (played by Jam Ratchata), an uncle grieving the unjust death of his grandchild Tonkao in a car accident. Striving to seek justice for his beloved granddaughter, Tin’s efforts backfire, intensifying his resolve to uncover the real culprits behind the tragedy. Fate brings Charn and Tin together, as they form an unlikely alliance to investigate the case and unearth the sinister secrets hidden within. As their bond deepens, they find themselves entangled in a web of danger, with each revelation taking them closer to the perilous truth.

Fans can catch the exhilarating journey of ‘Laws Of Attraction’ on two prominent streaming platforms. The drama premiered simultaneously on One31’s official YouTube channel, giving viewers a glimpse into the compelling narrative. Additionally, iQIYI, a leading streaming service, is offering the rerun episode exclusively in selected regions, including the US.

While the pilot episode is readily available for viewers across the globe, those accessing the series via iQIYI might encounter occasional playback errors or region-specific restrictions. As of now, a rerun episode is yet to be uploaded on One31’s YouTube channel.

Stay tuned to the iQIYI platform for weekly episodes of ‘Laws Of Attraction’, as the drama airs every Saturday at 22:15 GMT+8.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling rollercoaster ride with ‘Laws Of Attraction’, a compelling drama that brings together the exceptional talents of Jam Ratchata and Film Thanapat. Experience the pursuit of truth, justice, and the unpredictable dynamics between two individuals from different worlds. As the drama unfolds its gripping narrative, it promises to deliver suspense, heartache, and unexpected twists that will leave you yearning for more. Join Charn and Tin on their quest for justice, every step of the way, as they delve into the perilous depths of ‘Laws Of Attraction’. Keep an eye out on BLtai for the latest updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content!

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