Get Addicted to Love with ‘Lovely Addict’: Watch the Official Teaser Now!

Experience the steamy world of Thai BL with 'Lovely Addict'. Watch the official teaser of this upcoming series featuring Tod Pranapong and Cheque Wacharawee. Get ready for a tale of love, secrets, and fate!

9NAA Production has announced its latest Thai BL series, ‘Lovely Addict’, and has released the official teaser for the show. Known for producing steamy and popular BL series such as “I Am Your King Season 1 & 2”, “Check Out Series”, and “Venus in the Sky”, 9NAA Production is back with another exciting project.

The drama features two couples, with actors Tod Pranapong and Cheque Wacharawee from “Venus in the Sky” taking the lead roles as Timetai and Tawan, respectively. Beboy Nanthakorn and Plai Chattrin also join the cast as Ryu and Nick. The story revolves around a newly hired receptionist and the owner of a hotel.

Watch Trailer here!!

In the teaser, we are introduced to Tawan, a cheerful 23-year-old recent graduate, and his best friend Nick. With the competition for decent jobs being high among new graduates, Tawan and Nick decide to take a risk and apply for part-time positions in a luxury hotel’s reception department. Despite warnings from Ryu, the hotel manager, about not disturbing or going near Timetai, the attractive businessman and owner of the hotel, Tawan’s mischievous nature leads him to accidentally bump into his boss. This encounter uncovers some secrets that will change Tawan’s fate.

The official teaser for ‘Lovely Addict’ was released on July 9 and can be watched on YouTube. The series is set to be released next year on the local TV channel, Amarin TV. Stay tuned to BLtai for more updates on this exciting project!

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