Coming Soon: South Korean Adaptation of Acclaimed Teen Drama ‘SKAM

Get ready for a riveting new K-drama as South Korea announces the much-anticipated remake of the Norwegian teen drama 'SKAM.' 'SKAM Korea,' produced by LG U+ and directed by Ahn Ji Hoon, will bring the captivating stories of high school students at Hartvig Nissen School to a Korean audience. Follow the emotional journeys of relatable characters as they navigate adolescence, self-discovery, and heartache in this engaging four-season series.

Exciting news for K-drama fans! On July 28th, BADaaa, a well-known casting personnel company, revealed their latest project, ‘SKAM Korea,’ a South Korean remake of the immensely popular Norwegian teen drama series ‘SKAM.’ Produced by LG U+ and directed by Ahn Ji Hoon, this highly anticipated OTT/TV drama is set to begin filming in late December or early February of 2024. The production is currently seeking talented male and female actors aged between 16 and 25 to portray high school students, with specific height requirements of over 180 centimeters for males and over 160 centimeters for females.

For those unfamiliar with the original series, ‘SKAM’ follows the lives of high school students attending Hartvig Nissen School in Oslo, Norway. The show gained tremendous popularity in Norway, becoming a cultural phenomenon, with nearly half of all internet traffic to NRK leading to the series. Due to its massive success, ‘SKAM’ has been adapted into seven remakes worldwide, including versions in Italy, Belgium, the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and France. Now, South Korea is set to join the global SKAM family with its own unique adaptation.

The Korean version of “SKAM” could have four seasons like the original series, each focusing on different characters and their compelling stories. The first season centers around the character Eva and her tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend, Jonas. As the series progresses, viewers are introduced to an array of intriguing characters, including Isak, Noora, Sana, Vilde, and Chris, among others. Season 1 unfolds during the fall semester of their first year at Hartvig Nissen, offering a fresh and authentic perspective on the ups and downs of teenage life.

Following the success of the initial season, the subsequent seasons delve into the lives of other key characters, tackling issues like sexual assault, self-discovery, and overcoming prejudice. As the stories intertwine, ‘SKAM Korea’ promises to deliver a captivating and emotionally resonant journey, exploring the challenges and triumphs of adolescence.

Fans of the original ‘SKAM’ and K-drama enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the South Korean adaptation, anticipating a fusion of compelling storytelling, relatable characters, and emotional depth. As the production gears up to bring ‘SKAM Korea’ to life, fans can look forward to a fresh and culturally relevant take on this beloved teen drama.

Stay tuned for more updates and casting announcements as ‘SKAM Korea’ prepares to captivate audiences with its heartwarming and engaging narrative. This is one K-drama adaptation you won’t want to miss!

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